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  • The best cheap red wine 2023

    Whatever your salary or situation, everyone loves finding a bargain, especially in today’s tough economic times where the price of everything seems to keep going up. Wine prices have risen significantly in the past two years, but there are still some hidden gems to be found – and tasted. Finding a good cheap red wine…
  • Wine and cheese pairings

    If you love cheese and enjoy entertaining, then keep reading as knowing how to pair wine with cheese will make your tastebuds rejoice, and have your guests returning for more. While there are general guidelines or principles to consider when matching wine with cheese, it’s important to remember that personal preferences also play a significant…
  • When does opened wine go bad?

    The general rule for the staying power of an opened bottle of wine, providing it is recorked and refrigerated, is it will taste almost as good as new up to two days after being opened. But some wine can last up to a week. A wine’s shelf life once opened varies depending on a number…
  • How to learn about wine

    Learning about wine is these days a fun, flexible and convenient experience. There are a range of wine classes available for all levels that can be done from the comfort of your living room through online wine classes, or in-person at events and tastings. And, the great thing about today’s wine education options is that…