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  • Best Wine Movies of All Time

    Charlie Leary
    Which are the Best Wine Films? Wine lovers adore seeing wine in movies: vintage bottles, vineyards, wine country, harvests, winemakers. So, they may not be the best people to vote on the best wine movies of all time; they are inherently and by definition biased. When critic Roger Ebert, however, names a wine film “the…
  • Little-known Nuggets about Dom Pérignon

    Charlie Leary
    Dom Pérignon and Lady Gaga When Lady Gaga recently mentioned the “traces of the centuries engraved on the stone” of a Medieval French abbey, she referred to the birthplace of Champagne, the sparkling wine, and not just any Champagne, but Dom Pérignon. The brand, indeed, evokes images of festive pop celebrities as much as it…
  • Little-known Nuggets about Pet-Nat Wines

    Charlie Leary
    It rolls off the tongue resembling a code that the uninitiated will fail to comprehend, but still invoking something down-to-earth and non-elitist: “Pet-Nat.” It’s intriguing, although saying original French is substantially more elegant. The “pet-nat” wines have become the latest trend to arrive in the world of wine, closely linked with the “natural wine” trend.…
  • Domaine de la Romanée-Conti: Some Little-Known Nuggets about DRC

    Charlie Leary
    One acronym says it all: “DRC.” One need not speak the phrase—Domaine de la Romanee-Conti—because everyone in the world of fine wine knows the initials. This Bourgogne winemaker stands, like with the prices of its wines and the financial status of its customers, among the top one percent, perhaps even the highest one percent of…