Mark Oldman has long been one of the most popular speakers in food and wine...

…his presentations at the nation’s top food and wine festivals consistently rated the best of their kind by the media and audiences. Mark’s approach springs from potent blend of three factors: education, entertainment, and imagination.

  • One of the wine world’s great showmen
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  • The hot ticket
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  • One most popular presenters year after year
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As the author of three award-winning books on wine – including the IACP-Best-Drinks-Book How to Drink Like a Billionaire, Mark has demonstrated a unique ability to translate wine’s complexities with accessibility, originality and hilarity.

More generally, you might say that Mark has perfected the ability to distill complex subjects into enlightening, easily-digested insights. Before turning to wine full-time, Mark cofounded and ran the career portal based exactly on this approach of discerning demystification.

Finally, as a former trustee and current lecturer for Stanford University, as well as a three-time graduate of that university, Mark has been dedicated to education at its highest level.

  • The perfect book...Oldman knows his stuff
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  • For those looking to expand their palates, Mark leads the way
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  • The perfect primer: concise, even-handed, fun, practical
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Mark’s long-standing invitations to the country’s top food festivals and consistently sold-out appearances there attest to his position as one of gastronomy’s most exciting speakers. And when Amazon or Estee Lauder or any other of his dozens of blue chip clients need someone to wow audiences, they turn to Mark.

  • Amazing, hilarious, fascinating
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  • Everybody’s favorite wine expert
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  • The best in the business. He’s the rare expert that can move between billionaires and casual drinkers, and take us all along for the ride.
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Truly great presentations do more. They leave a lasting impression – an enduring finish, in wine parlance. And for this Mark always strives to enhance his appearances with elements that go beyond the typical.

To make his points resonate, for example, Mark has dressed as a Concorde captain, distributed a homemade rosé ruler so audiences can measure the color intensity of different rosé wines, and produced Ruth Bader Ginsburg-inspired “Not 100% Sober” luggage tags to emphasize the Supreme Court Justice’s love of California Cabernet.

  • An oenophile wizard
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  • Renowned as a deft and unconventional speaker
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  • Amazing performance: animated, informative, hilarious and crowd-pleasing.
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